Wandr is a free real-time community-based entertainment app

Get the best experiences, every day, with real time inputs from our community. Wandr combines crowdsourcing and beacons to bring real time information on where are the hottest spots at the moment. We’re integrating offline and online, merging social, mobile and local in order to offer our users the best and most personalized experiences.

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Nowadays it’s almost impossible to keep up with all the amazing new places and attractions that are born every single day around us. What's the new cool restaurant? Where's the hottest event going on today? Wandr came to fill those gaps with a solution that expands people, connecting them to their surroundings and among each other, creating a Community Centred Smart City. Improving the way that people move, interact and engage with where they are.

The more you use the more you get!

Through the combination of Social Mapping and IoT, we're building Community Centred Smart Cities. We’ll use our proprietary AI technology to transform the information that we got on what really engaged our users and convert it into insights on their behavior. We want to learn with and from our users about what they like, how they behave and engage with where they are, so we can keep constantly improving their experience providing them with tailored suggestions in real time on what to do and where to go.

Our goal is to do what Analytics did for the digital space out in the real world.


Felipe Burattini
Founder / CEO
Fernando Ostlund
Co-Founder / CDO
Dr. Eduardo Calvillo
Tomer Ciucran
iOS Developer
Pietro Santececca
iOS Developer